The making of / Behind the scenes

When we went to meet Mike and see all he had removed from the Evil Dead 2 cabin site we only planned on making a small documentary about him and what he did. Here are some of the photos from that first meeting.

We followed Mike to  Wizard World Chicago and helped him set up The Work Shed. and help run his booth for most of the weekend. 

To see the photos we took of fans with the Work Shed at Wizard World Chicago 2016 click HERE!

Our trip to Wadesboro, NC and surrounding areas. 

With permission from the owners of the farm the remains of the cabin are on and the owner of the J.R Faison Jr High Gym. We were able to spend time documenting everything the best we could. Here are some photos from our time there. 

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Luminous Midnight Films 2016

Evil Dead Uproot link to IMDb
Evil Dead 2 set was built here

The J. R. Faison Junior High School Gym, the inside in 2016. It became a dumping ground for unwanted items. The owner told us people where having yard sales and such here at one point. He plans to make it a community center one day.